I want to help individuals achieve their serious, long-term financial goals while understanding their needs and implementing tailored solutions. For more than a decade, I served the community as a firefighter and paramedic. At its essence, my role was to run toward the danger in order to help people in need. When a call came through, I knew that whether it was a burning home or a person experiencing a medical emergency, my ability to stay calm and focused, to lead by example and to problem-solve in an agile way would make a world of difference in the outcome of such a high-stakes situation. Nowadays in my role as an Edward Jones financial advisor, the ways in which I help people are quite different, but ultimately the critical skills I drew upon in the fire service remain just as important as I help individuals, families and businesses manage their finances. In my practice, I serve people from a variety of walks of life and investing experience. No matter what their individual circumstances may be, there are certain things all of my clients can expect when working with me. From the outset, my clients can expect I will provide the needed education and resources to help them feel informed, confident and in control of their financial decisions. I believe any strong financial advisor-client relationship should go beyond mere transactions and instead be based on complete trust, and that is what I strive for with each of my clients. As our time together continues, functioning as an accountability partner with my clients is one of my most important roles. Through bull and bear markets, daily market swings and constant media headlines, I help my clients avoid emotional decisions and stay focused on their goals, knowing that we will prepare for and adjust their strategy to help withstand the inevitable ups and downs. Outside the office, my wife, Rosie, and I are devoted to our children and their activities. Isla (6) plays soccer, basketball, gymnastics and dance, while Ace (8) plays baseball, football, soccer and basketball. Our kids attend a dual language academic program in Crystal Lake. I enjoy spending time with family, exercising, camping, sports and traveling. A former collegiate basketball player, I've had the great opportunity to volunteer coach my son's baseball, basketball and football teams, and next year plan to do the same for my daughter's basketball team.