AmeriCorps, a national network of service programs offers a wide range of opportunities to volunteers of all ages. AmeriCorps Seniors (RSVP) provides older Americans (55 plus) the opportunity to apply their life experience to meeting community needs. AmeriCorps Seniors serve in a diverse range of nonprofit organizations, public agencies and faith-based groups. Among other activities, tutoring and mentoring youth, responding to natural disasters, supporting veterans and their families and meeting other critical needs. AmeriCorps Seniors is sponsored by Senior Services Associates. Senior Services is honored to sponsor a local AmeriCorps Seniors Program covering Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties. Our current roster boasts a membership of over 1,100 AmeriCorps volunteers. Those who are 55 plus are able to work with a local coordinator in order to be matched with a nonprofit in need of volunteer support. Research has proven that volunteering has many benefits including health benefits. AmeriCorps Seniors partners with Create The Good.