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LogoThe State Bank Group is comprised of Wonder Lake State Bank (east), Wonder Lake State Bank (west), Johnsburg State Bank, Spring Grove State Bank, Lakemoor State Bank and Hebron State Bank.

We are proud to have directorship of local business owners and professionals. It has always been our focus as a community bank to provide the best banking services available. We have selected our banking locations by identifying areas that were at the time unserviced. Therefore, each of our bank locations represents the first bank in their respective community.

Our group of banks has grown since our inception in 1979. We currently have a staff of more than 80 employees. In addition to myself, we have a teller who has been servicing our customers banking needs since 1979. We thrive on building relationships with our customers and believe our slogan, “Bank Where You’re Known”, promotes our continuing mission and commitment to providing true “Community Banking”.